Solar Pumps

H-FSP: Solar Hybrid pumps from 5 up to 340 hp

  • Hybrid solar pump with 3ph 400V secondary input
  • 7,5 - 340hp

The inverters H-FSP 7-340 starting and management panels of solar pumping systems formed by a standard inverter from the market adapted and modified for this operation (H-FSP 7 in the picture, the smallest of H-FSP family). Designed for 400VAC three-phase motors, it varies in size for each size of electric pump between 7.5hp and 340hp. It has two inputs, a priority DC (from 4 to 64 stripes based on the power) and a secondary threephase AC 400V for operation in hybrid mode, integrating the energy produced by the solar panels with network enery or generator energy for operation at the maximum set frequency. Both inputs have a door interlock disconnector on the front panel and the fuses for each string and phase, duly sized, are positioned inside. As standard they are fitted with a dedicated inductance for each size of motor for cable lengths up to 300m, on request they can also be mounted for longer lengths.

These panels must be installed by qualified personnel, as they are complex systems from an electrical point of view. The software is preset and the inverter is ready for use.

Some features:
– DC input from 4 to 64 strings with fuses and disconnector
– threephase AC 400V 50 / 60Hz input with fuses and disconnector
– MPPT software to exploit all the energy produced by the panels at any time
– possibility of use in PID mode (constant pressure)
– On-Off control via one or more floating switches / pressure switches
– self-limitation of the load – internal temperature control, reducing the load in case of overheating from external factors
– dry running control via Cos-phi or level probes – GSM / GPRS remote control
– DV / TV filter for motor protection with cables up to 300m
– IP 54 (recommended indoor installation)
– Maximum ambient temperature 40°C (50°C on request)