Submersible Pumps


  • Sandproof: up to 60 g/m3
  • Prevalenza fino a 780 metri
  • Portata massima 90 m3/h

FR submersible pumps series (for wells of a nominal diameter of 8″) are cast iron made and radial type, with external tie rods in stainless steel.

FR series have two type of diffuser. This allows easy management of disassembled pumps and spare parts. They also have the peculiarity of an hexagonal shaft type, for easy maintenance. The bushes are rubber made, coupled with thick chromed sleeves for a continuous operating in hard conditions, particularly suited to strong presence of sand. The service can be continuous. The impeller wear rings are rubber made.

Constructions are possible with impellers in bronze B10.
The couplings are all normalized in accordance with 6” and 8” NEMA standards.
The sense of rotation is counterclockwise viewed from the pump outlet.

Uses are for clean and non-aggressive water, in particular: domestic and industrial water supply, water systems for lifting or for shower and running irrigation, aqueducts, pressurisation, fire fighting and washing systems, supply of autoclaves and tanks.