Submersible Pumps


  • Sandproof: up to 250 g/m3
  • Independent floating impellers
  • No thrust load on the engine
  • Can run without water
  • Possibility of use in horizontal position
  • Capacity up to 27 m3/h
  • Max head 680 metri

Submersible pumps of FP4 series are of new design, very solid and compact, easy to maintain.

The supports, stainless steel AISI 304, obtained with wax casting process, ensure great robustness and reliability of the product.
The new design of independent floating impeller, patented, guarantees a low axial load on the motor.
The new materials used in the construction, certified for use in drinking water, allow the pump to run even dry without deteriorate.

Top casing is 1 “1/4 G threaded for radial models (X, A, B, D, E) and 2” for semiaxial models (F, H, L, Q). The check valve is incorporated.
The service can be continuous. The maximum overall dimensions, including cable cover, is 98mm and the direction of rotation is counterclockwise viewed from the top casing.
To guarantee the functioning, the water level should be at least one meter above the aspiration. The pump can also be installed horizontally.

Uses are for clean and non-aggressive water, in particular: domestic and industrial water supply, water systems for lifting or for shower and running irrigation, aqueducts, pressurisation, fire fighting and washing systems, supply of autoclaves and tanks.