Submersible Motors


  • Oil filled motors, rewindable
  • Degree of protection IP 68
  • Insulation class F
  • Max 30 startings per hours
  • Special voltage avaiables on demand
  • Possibility of star-delta starting

Submersible motors of series FMO6 are asynchronous type, 2-pole with squirrel cage rotor, in oil bath, rewindable.

They are very sturdy and oversized, to withstand heavy loads and last a long time even at great depths of immersion.
The power cables are equipped with connection plug to be sure that the internal cooling liquid, even if alimentary and non-toxic, FDA approved, can not climb by capillarity along the line.
A strong mechanical seal provides a long life to motor even in presence of sand.
The protrusion of the rotor shaft is of stainless steel while an oversized diaphragm of compensation allows the internal cooling liquid to compensate differences of volume due to temperature variations.