Exa Pumps srl is a family company, specialized in design and manufacture of submersible pumps.

It was founded in the 90’s, as Felsom srl, taking the know-how of the company that was part of the Aturia Group. Nowadays the company is managed by the third generation and exports its products all over the world, both with the EXA brand and with the F.EL.SOM brand.

The company’s priority is the continued commitment in the study and development of innovative products that can continue to compete on the global market.

We produce a full range completely MADE IN ITALY, from 4” and 6” with stainless steel casing, up to 6”,8”, 10” and 12” cast iron made (or bronze on demand).


CERTIFICATIONS ISO 9001: 2015 – ISO 14001: 2015 – ISO 45001: 2015 

Exa Pumps is certified according to the integrated quality system ISO 9001: 2015, 14001: 2015 and 45001 in the field of application “Design and manufacture of submersible electric pumps and solar pumping systems through the processes of design, prototyping. Machining, assembly, controls , testing and logistics “.
The 9001 regulation mainly refers to the quality of the product and the production process; 14001 deals with the environmental management system, guaranteeing a constant commitment to reduce emissions and reduce the pollution of the production and logistics of products; 45001 is the workplace health and safety management system.

The certificate is available at the following link:

Policy of the quality

The management of Exa Pumps believes that the success and development of new markets are determined by a care and attention towards:

  • Customers satisfaction (old and new ones);
  • Continuous improvement in all business processes;
  • Human resources training and use of new technologies;
  • risks and opportunities to face and manage;
  • safetyand care of the work environment.

The quality perceived by the customer and therefore his degree of satisfaction is the result of a careful check of all the external and internal variables that can influence the product quality.


The Management has therefore defined the commitments it takes and the objectives to pursue:

  • guarantee the continuous improvement of Quality Sistem and of its performances, by ensuring compliance with the requirements of current legislation and any other requirements entered into by the company.
  • ensure compliance with the implicit and explicit requirements related to the product and service quality.
  • honour commitments with our customers, understanding their needs.
  • continuously improve the internal operational efficiency of business processes by defining, controlling and verifying priority objectives, that measure the quality of the organization.
  • train operators so as to get the knowledge of the best working techniques for the execution of the defined activities.
  • minimize the costs related to customer complaints and / or to non-compliant products, through prevention and improvement Actions.
  • optimize collaboration relationships with suppliers and partners in order to develop and improve the quality of the products supplied and of the service.
  • Give responsibility, in the management of the Quality System, to the entire organization, from the Management to every employee;
  • Control and prevent possible risks related to external factors, exploiting the opportunities that these can offer.
  • Ensure a safe and healthy working environment;

To put into operational practice the above commitments, we intend to pursue the following Objectives: 

  • Continuously Monitor the quality sistem, verifing and improving the effectiveness and the efficiency of the processes determined by the organization, that are fundamental for the product quality and the customer satisfaction.
  • Improve company know-how by training operators and investing in increasingly advanced technologies.
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of processing in a work environment always in order and compliant with current regulations.
  • Promote and maintain an open, constructive and transparent attitude towards all those who participate and influence the organization’s activities (customers, suppliers, stakeholders …)